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Questionnaire, research questions, qualitative research, quantitative research, interview


Course Objectives / Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course students will:


Course content


  1. Basic concepts and characteristics of scientific research
  2. Epistemological and methodological differences between quantitative and qualitative approach.
  3. Research planning: Problematic research, purpose determination, research questions and hypotheses.
  4. Combination of quantitative and qualitative research
  5. Methods of collecting research data: questionnaires, interviews, etc.
  6. Sampling methods (population and sample)
  7. The concepts of reliability and validity in the quantitative and qualitative approach.
  8. Types of qualitative approach research :, ethnography, case study, action research.
  9. Quality data analysis procedures
  10. Content analysis
  11. Observation
  12. The questionnaire
  13. Bibliographic review
  14. Presentation, interpretation of data and drawing conclusions.


Course description

The course includes topics of research methodology, qualitative and quantitative research, research design, data collection and analysis, as well as ethics issues.


More specifically, reference is made to a) the identification and formulation of the research problem, b) the bibliography review (search, retrieval, organization and utilization of bibliographic data), c) the identification of research objectives and research questions or hypotheses, d) the various research designs (sampling, correlation, experimental, ethnographic, narrative research, action research, mixed methods), e) selecting and documenting the appropriateness of research techniques, f) collecting, processing, analyzing, presenting and g) in the ethics and ethics that govern any empirical educational research h) in the evaluation of research and i) in the writing of a scientific paper.


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