The duration for the award of the Master's Degree is three (3) semesters of study. During the first two semesters, it is mandatory to attend the teaching courses and any other kind of educational and research activities of the MSc.

In particular, the new hybrid system supports attending of the courses and workshops either entirely in person - as was the case until today - or entirely remotely without the need for physical presence, or in both ways, depending on their wishes-needs  of graduate students. The third semester is available exclusively for the preparation of the Master Thesis and has no other obligations. Obviously the communication mainly with the Scientific Supervisor of the Diplomatic Thesis and with the members of its three-member committee is self-evident. Studies begin in October of each academic year. The educational material in all courses will be available online in the Education Portal eclass of the University of Patras. Free teleconferencing - distance learning services are offered from the University of Patras.

2022 Department of Management Science and Technology, University of Patras